• Too many projects to handle with internal IT staff?
  • Internal IT staff buried in maintenance of legacy applications?
  • IT budget spent on maintaining legacy applications?
  • Want to free up internal IT staff and budget to run new projects and grow revenue instead?

Sounds familiar? Outsourcing of IT services to external partners is one solution to overcome such challenges. I will guide you throughout all sourcing phases into operational steady state. With my experience I will make your outsourcing journey as smooth and successful as possible.

IT Strategy

A suitable IT strategy is key for the success of an outsourcing initiative. There is no one-size-fits-all approach! Many criteria come into play when defining the individual outsourcing strategy, such as: objectives, outsourcing experience, language, timeline, technology in use and many more. Based on an initial analysis and the objectives of the outsourcing initiative we will develop your individual outsourcing strategy step-by-step. This strategy is developed in an agile mode with close collaboration between all stakeholders and short feedback cycles. Your knowledge of your business and your company combined with my knowledge in IT outsourcing will enable us to create a suitable IT outsourcing strategy. A strategy that will free up internal IT staff and budget in order to grow new business and create new revenue streams.

Sourcing Management

Once the outsourcing strategy is complete, we will define the services / packages that will be outsourced to an external partner. Based on the outsourcing strategy and the service definition I will recommend several suitable partners to you. You will always take the final decision, because nobody knows better which company fits to your company than you. We will select your outsourcing partner in an efficient tender. Depending on your needs I will lead the tender, pricing, contracting and finally negotiations until one (or more) outsourcing partner is selected. It is my personal objective to keep the selection process as nimble and efficient as possible. Above all, I want to find you a partner, that suits your needs on a long-term basis.

Project Management

Bringing teams together, that come from different cultures and work in different places is a tremendous challenge. It requires a large amount of cultural awareness, vast leadership skills and a good working atmosphere that encourages team members to strive for the project’s success. With my proven track record of large, global transition and implementation projects I will support you in project management throughout the course. Meaning, from the initiation phase to the closure phase. Knowing, that no methodology is suitable for all purposes, I will adhere to your company’s preferred project methodology.

Vendor Management

I prefer to call it partner management. To make the most out of an outsourcing initiative both, customer and vendor, need to treat each other as equals and therefore partners. This requires a lot of trust on both sides. I will support you in establishing this trust. Furthermore, I will support you in regular activities, such as escalation management, service reviews, audit support or onsite visits. By establishing an open, transparent and trustful relationship most upcoming challenges can be solved in a quick and efficient manner. Together with the counterpart on the vendor side I will ensure, that service quality is on a good level.