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Today, every company is a tech company. Applying new technology in business solutions is key to grow business and create new revenue streams. However, the shortage of IT specialists blocks innovation and growth. This shortage will continue to grow over the next years. Additionally, internal IT staff is buried in maintenance tasks. Doing both:

  • maintaining an existing infrastructure and application landscape and
  • develop new business solutions

with the same existing internal IT team is at least a tremendous challenge! Therefore, I am absolutely convinced, it is crucial that the internal IT staff can focus on their core competencies: creating new solutions together with business colleagues. Because this is where the company knowledge is. In the end, employees are a company’s most valuable asset!

Outsourcing can free up IT Staff and Budget

Outsourcing the maintenance of well-established services, systems and applications is one response to this growing challenge. A suitable and well-implemented outsourcing initiative will free up internal IT staff and budget. This enables companies to focus on implementing new business solutions. Additionally, such an outsourcing initiative offers the scalability to better react to project demand peaks.

Your personal Outsourcing Guide

Together, we will plan, define and implement your individual outsourcing initiative. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, because every company is different. Based on your experiences, objectives and needs, we will set up a team with a mix of onsite, nearshore and offshore resources to support your internal IT staff. As independent outsourcing consultant I will personally guide you throughout all sourcing phases to implement your outsourcing initiative as smoothly and successfully as possible. It is crucial to me, to find you the right partners that suit your needs on a long-term basis.

No Time to lose

Planning, defining and implementing a suitable outsourcing initiative is not trivial and will take time. Therefore, let us start today to address your challenges together and free up internal IT staff and budget. Checkout my services in detail and contact me!

Technology is evolving at a faster pace every year. Therefore, it is important to keep up with the latest trends. On the other side, not everybody wants to dive deep into complex technologies. In the technology section I will write about tech conferences I visit and the latest trends there. My objective is to explain these technology trends in simple terms. In the BrazzoTech Talk video chats I will talk with completely different people from many different places, different functions and different areas about technology. Continue…

Employees do not leave companies, they leave bosses. Ever heard of that? In the Business section I write about modern leadership and how to create a working atmosphere that enables everyone to perform better. In the “7 Questions to …” interview series I ask completely different people from many different places, different functions and different areas about their personal experience with good and bad leadership and the effect it had on them. Continue…

I am a passionate traveller, love to listen to travel stories and equally like to share my own travel experiences happily. Travel stories can be amazing about remote places, such as India or South America, as well as rather close places, such as Europe or Germany in particular. In the end it depends on the storyteller, but much remains simply in the eye of the beholder. The most recent travel project is our Family World Trip. This is exciting, because our kids will start exploring the world. Continue…

This is a very broad field. Often when I talk to people about this topic, they feel like the little they can do themselves does not make a difference. This is where we are wrong! The exact opposite is the case. Nobody has to be perfect and I certainly do not claim that for me. As a matter of fact, every little baby step can add up to something great. The possibilities in this area are endless. I want to encourage all of us to start little baby steps and by that making this world a bit better every day. As guiding examples, I share some interesting initiatives. Continue…