I am absolutely passionate about technology and connecting different industries. Therefore I like to gather as well as share ideas from different areas and relate them to technology. I truly believe this will inspire people to think outside their own box and hence, look at other areas and associate those with technology. Ideally this will connect people to create new ideas together. Technology already affects our private and professional life to a certain degree. However, I strongly believe it will continue to do so even more. This is why continuous learning is utterly important.

Passion for Technology

I have always been absolutely passionate about technology. Therefore, it was no surprise I turned out to be an IT architect for a good amount of time in my career. I liked working as a technical architect a lot, because it meant I could get to know and evaluate many new types of technology. It also meant, I had to break down complex technical topics into smaller, more comprehensive parts and explain them to others. Being a language teacher several years before had definitely taught me, how to explain complex facts in much easier words. As an IT architect I always believed in creating sustainable, easy-to-maintain technical architectures. I applied this especially when designing an entirely new SAP HANA infrastructure based on the Tailored Data Center principle. At the time my approach was leading edge and announced a reference architecture by SAP.

Technology in simple words

Unfortunately, when I talk to people about new technology I often feel fear. Fear of being replaced, fear of losing contact, fear of being overwhelmed. I want to address these fears by explaining different types of technology in an easy way. I am totally convinced, that technology can enhance our lifes and that it will create many more jobs than it will destroy. In order to leverage its benefits better, we can learn from other areas on how those use technology and apply some of the concepts and ideas to our own areas.

Tech Talks

Learning from other areas is a major topic I want to address with the tech talks video chats. The tech talks include video chats with completely different people from many different places, different functions and different areas. Thus, one should get a good impression on the broad range of existing and useful types of technology. See more…¬†

Tech Events

In my experience visiting tech events and talking to the experts directly always is a great opportunity. Chatting directly with the experts and clarify open questions is much more efficient than researching extensively. I visit various tech events and will provide brief summaries of what I learned. Whenever useful I will supplement my summaries with expert opinions. Read more…