“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

I could not agree more with the anonymous quote above! I love travelling and sharing travel stories. It opens and enhances our mindset like nothing else can. Over the years, I have travelled a lot, seen amazing places and always learned something. Not always in a good way, but such experiences make us grow as a person, too. In several regionally divided sections I share my experiences in videos, pictures and plain texts.

Family World Trip

Our most recent travel project is extremely exciting, because it is the first time travelling for longer with the kids. Together as a family we travel around the world for about seven months. During that period, we visit Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, USA, Canada and Ireland. We use all sorts of transportation, like plane, car, bus, train to completely surround the world once. Due to different cultures and also climate the experiences are very versatile. Read more …


India was definitely my personal game changer and the most intense experience in my life. I lived in India for about a year and have come back regularly ever since. It is not the typical tourist place and I would still not recommend it for a two-week vacation. In fact, it took me around four weeks to fall in love with this beautiful country and its people. Sometimes it seems India understands to hide its beauty at first sight. However, it is a perfect destination for backpackers and once one understands its flair, the country offers an outstanding variety of experiences. Read more …


I am sometimes amazed how Europe, as the smallest of all continents, can offer such a huge cultural variety. Good, but often underestimated is, how easy it is to travel around. The distances between many of the sights are small and it is easy to visit many places in a short time. Apart from travel experiences from different places in Europe, I want to share my experiences when living in the UK. I liked living in the UK a lot and my experiences were mostly absolutely positive. Read more …

South America

South America is a huge continent with again a huge diversity in many ways. I have lived many months in Brazil. A country I have a very special and personal relationship to. It is South America’s largest country and a stunningly beautiful one. However, there is much more to South America than Brazil. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to visit several other places there. Read more …¬†


We often tend to forget about the places that are so close. Many times we know more places in the countries we visited than in the country we live in.¬†Therefore I want to share some of the travel experiences I had in Germany. Read more …

Recent Travel Video

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