Core Values



Trust is at the core of all my engagements. I am absolutely convinced, that partnerships need to be based on trust. I also believe, trust is nothing to be earned over time, but instead should be given 100% in advance. Therefore, I start with trusting all my partners and all my colleagues 100% right from the start (until I have profound reason not to trust anymore).


I trust in order to develop and implement the best solution all involved parties need to work together as equal partners. On that basis I strive for long-lasting partnerships with all my customers.

Customer Centric

At all time I strive to focus on my customer’s individual challenges and needs. It is my personal objective to create long-lasting value for all my customers. In order to achieve this long-lasting value I believe it is important to keep things simple or simplify complex tasks.


I believe in respectful, open and honest communication at all levels and with all partners – topped up with a breeze of humor. I am convinced a bit of humor combined with profound cultural awareness will bring international and even remote teams together.

Quality Education

In my opinion, the way to improve a society is to improve education. I fully support the UN’s 4th sustainable development goal “Quality Education”. I have supported different education projects in India and South America in the past. At BrazzoTech, I give 1% of the yearly profit to the HUMAN Stiftung. I personally know the founder of the foundation. The objective is to improve education in India.