Social Responsibility


This is a very broad field. Often when I talk to people about this topic, they feel like the little they can do themselves does not make a difference. However, this is where we are wrong! The exact opposite is the case. Nobody has to be perfect and I certainly do not claim that for me. As a matter of fact, every little baby step can add up to something great. The possibilities in this area are endless. To name a few of them:

  • Caring about people
  • Caring about environment
  • Caring about pollution

I want to encourage all of us to start little baby steps and by that making this world a bit better every day.



Fundraising has always been of interest to me. Nowadays it is easier than ever to join existing initiatives or even create your own ones. To outline, how easy it is to find a cause that suits you and support this cause, I want to present some of my recent fundraising activities. Hopefully this shows, that everybody can make a difference – completely independent of the amount. Every bit of help sparkles. Read more …