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Our Family World Trip was packed with adventures. Many of them have made it in some way into this blog already. However, for different reasons some interesting numbers and stories never made it into our social media or blog posts. In this post I want to mention some odd and funny stories and also give some numbers, which several of you have asked before.

Kilometers we travelled

In total we travelled around 57.300 km by different transportation means. In detail:

Plane: 50.000 km

Bus: 600 km

Car: 3.500 km

Ferry: 600 km

Motorhome: 2.000 km

Train: 600 km

Countries we visited

We visited eleven countries on five continents. I did not count in Panama, because after our yellow fever incident in Brazil, we only had a short transit stop there. In detail:

Asia: Thailand

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil

North America: Costa Rica, United States, Canada

Europe: Ireland

The most beautiful Bathroom in the World

When visiting the La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica, we saw the most beautiful public bathrooms ever. They were gorgeously designed and decorated in rain forest style. Even the water from the tap came down like a little waterfall. None of us had ever seen anything alike. The light inside the bathroom was dimmed just like at the bottom of the rain forest. Therefore, the picture I took is not perfectly illuminated.

Money we spent

With regards to the total sum I had mentioned a comparison in the Reader’s Favorite Questions post earlier. However, after all remaining bills came in, we have some numbers on what we spent in each country per day. I have to mention though, that it is not fair to compare it directly, because we lived differently in every country.

General Costs: 85 €/Day

Thailand: 190 €/Day

Australia: 250 €/Day

New Zealand: 300 €/Day

Chile: 200 €/Day

Argentina: 210 €/Day

Brazil: 70 €/Day

Costa Rica: 290 €/Day

USA: 400 €/Day

Canada: 225 €/Day

Ireland: 330 €/Day

Doing Laundry at a Gas Station

In Ireland, the places we stayed at did not have a washing machine. We also did not have enough clothes for two weeks. Therefore, we had to find a place where we could do our laundry. Luckily, we found an industrial washing machine and even a dryer at a gas station(!) in Athy. It was weird for us in the beginning, but worked out perfectly.

Other random Numbers

During the entire trip we have:

  • slept in 35 different places
  • used 15 different SIM cards and 5 different credit cards (plus Google Pay, which was widely accepted)
  • visited 14 major cities
  • enjoyed the view from 7 different observation decks
  • communicated in 4 different languages (more or less fluent)
  • watched 4 spectacular shows
  • paid in 11 different currencies
  • arrived at or departed from 18 different airports
  • taken 12.223 photos and videos

Obviously, the list could go on. Hence, if you have another question, just let us know.

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