Munich Marathon 2018


In about two weeks I am participating in the Munich Marathon event. This year, the new BrazzoTech running shirt will find its way on Munich’s streets for the first time. I am excited! On this occasion I want to share my latest fundraiser initiative with you. This time I want to raise funds for the project Educating 200 Children in 4 Slums in Delhi. As I have lived some time in India, this country and its people are very close to my heart.


The Munich Marathon Event

To be honest, I am running a half marathon. I have been running half marathons a couple of times over the last years. It is the perfect distance for me. Long, but not too long and there is not much training required upfront. The Munich Marathon event is a large and very well-organized event. Depending on the weather there are many people cheering along the route. This always helps.

How to select a Fundraising Project

Some people asked me, how I choose the projects I want to raise funds for. I prefer to go via Global Giving. This is an organization I know. I also know, that they verify many of the projects that are listed on their site. Hence, this is the first criteria – I only look for verified projects (I). The second criteria is region or country. I have lived in India and Brazil (II). There, I have seen the need for help with my own eyes. This is why I can personally relate to such causes. Last but not least, I truly believe that in order to improve the situation in a country, we need more and better education (III). In the end, I am usually looking for verified projects around education in Brazil or India.


Tax Advice for Fundraising

Please support me in raising funds for the project Educating 200 Children in 4 Slums in Delhi. It is an initiative that can make a huge difference with comparatively little money. The brilliant thing with Global Giving is that all donors get a tax receipt. Hence, you can deduct a good amount from your tax declaration. This works in several countries. As always, I will round up the amount in the end.


Spot the BrazzoTech Running Shirt

This time however, I want to try something new on top. As mentioned in the beginning it will be the first time on the streets for the BrazzoTech running shirt. Therefore, for all of you in and around Munich, come visit the event and spot the BrazzoTech running shirt. For every social media post of the BrazzoTech running shirt (#brazzotech) in the Munich Marathon event, I will add another 10€ to the fundraiser myself.

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