Bauer in der Au is no more


The Preparation

After the successful hike with the younger one to the Schliersbergalm a couple of weeks ago, the older one wanted to go on a hiking tour, too. That meant we had to look for a rather easy hike. I did some research and found a nice and easy hike from Bad Wiessee at the Tegernsee up to the Bauer in der Au. According to one of my hiking guides it was supposed to be a very nice restaurant with a Biergarten. Even their website indicated that. That in mind we prepared ourselves with only some food for the way there and back.


A bus full of retired persons

In the morning we took the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) to Gmund at the Tegernsee. The train ride was absolutely smooth. There were not many people in the train and we managed to get ourselves the children’s play corner. We reached Gmund after about an hour. From Gmund we took a local bus to Bad Wiessee. Fortunately, we got into the bus first, because every time the bus stopped more people stepped in. After some stops the bus was completely packed. Packed with almost exclusively retired persons. It seemed like we were the only people under 70 in the bus. When we finally reached our stop, it was difficult to get out of the bus with the young ones and the Deuter child carrier.


The Ascent

It was finally time to be active and we started our hike to the Bauer in der Au. There are many signs along the way. Hence, it was simple to find the way. For the ascent I decided to take the walk along a little creek. It is a pleasant walk with the sound of the water. The younger one in the child carrier sang many songs so we called him our radio. Including the train and the bus ride we were on the road for more than two hours already. I knew it would take us almost another hour. Thus, I decided to have a little break at the next bench. The younger ones enjoyed themselves a lot during this break. From there both continued without any complaining. All the way up many bicycles passed us. One thing impossible not to notice was, that there are so many e-bikes nowadays. In fact, that day we hardly saw any regular bike, but around 30 e-bikes.

No Lunch at Bauer in der Au

When we finally reached the Bauer in der Au we first went straight by and missed it. A minute later I turned around and looked again. The place looked very much like the pictures in the book. Except there were no people at all. We walked back and had a closer look. It was indeed the Bauer in der Au. The place we were supposed to have lunch. Unfortunately, we got to know, that the place is closed since last year. At that point I was worried. Worried, because we had some food, but not at all enough for lunch. I explained it to the young ones. Surprisingly, the took it quite well. Maybe because they were already far more interested in the tractor that showed up noisily. It was a Lamborghini and – hey – who would not want to have a Lamborghini.

Going down to Bad Wiessee

Having no choice, but to go back to Bad Wiessee, we started our descent. This time we took the other route. It offered several spectacular views down to the Tegernsee. It is a beautiful lake with a very nice color. There is definitely no filter needed to take good pictures. All of us enjoyed the view. Some for the beauty, some for the tourist boats that went from one side of the lake to the other. I was amazed that still neither of the young ones complained about starving. The descent was around 3.5 km long and took again one hour. Once we reached Bad Wiessee we went to the first bakery we saw and had some proper sandwiches. They felt really good.

Ice Cream Happy End

On our way back, we took the bus from Bad Wiessee to Tegernsee. The BOB back to Munich starts there and I wanted to get into the children’s play corner again. We arrived at Tegernsee with a lot of time before the train started. Therefore, we enjoyed the break with some delicious ice cream. After walking so much without any moaning that was well deserved. The train ride back to Munich – once again in the children’s play corner – was easy. Another family joined us, which was interesting for the young ones.



This trip is a good one-day trip. It is easy to reach by train and bus. I can recommend the tour with the limitation, that bringing your own lunch would be necessary. Optionally, instead of walking to the Bauer in der Au, one could walk to the Aueralm. This hike is longer, but the Aueralm is open. The views are spectacular either way. We will definitely come back and walk to the Aueralm next time. Be aware, that the local busses can be very full.

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