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La Boca – The Heart of Tango The weekend we went to the La Boca borough – the home of Tango. La Boca is supposed to be less safe than Recoleta or the city center. After what happened some days before on the bus we took as little as possible with us. We visited the colorful Caminito, which is rather a couple of streets than just a small street (Caminito’s actual meaning). It is an Read more…


After a little more than two weeks, we left Buenos Aires and Argentina. The time in the land of Tango was full of different emotions. We enjoyed delicious food and stunning dance performances, were nervous when seeing some thieves stealing an iPhone from tourists in a public bus during the day, explored the city by bicycle, bus, metro and foot, and were a little disappointed by our day trips to Uruguay and a Gaucho ranch. Read more…

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