Improving Education with Panjango


A couple of days ago, I had the chance to talk to Jon Maiden, CEO & Co-Founder of Panjango. The topic was Improving Education with Panjango. We discussed about how Panjango is on a mission to improve how we learn and educate our children. I strongly believe, we need to rethink the way we teach kids in school. Therefore, I was eager to know about Jon’s view and also his ideas on how technology could support in improving education. Jon’s passion for this topic became particularly obvious when we talked about how augmented or even virtual reality could change the way we learn.


Adaptability is Key in Modern Leadership

We also talked about what is required in modern leadership. Jon points out that nowadays adaptability is absolutely crucial. He talked about personal experiences with very poor leadership. These experiences led him to the decision never to work for anybody ever again. This shows how crucial it is to have good leaders in the right positions. He continued with telling a story about Richard Gerver, who became a school principle at a young age. With his vision and passion, he transformed a school with a very bad reputation into on of UK’s best schools. The story is compelling.

If you are interested in knowing more about Panjango, visit and support their Kickstarter project.

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