New Roommate will move in soon

Although it is not always a good idea to generalize, I need to mention a few things I noticed about people in Great Britain. The sense of fashion is a bit different than on European mainland. Many British women love to wear some kind of a mini skirt, furry boots and a top that shows more than it covers. It may happen, this even goes along with overweight and far too much alcohol. Men love plain t-shirts and tend to have slightly longer hair than in Germany. Both, women and men, have in common that these clothes are used in summer at around 25°C and in winter at around 0°C. It seems like the sense of temperature did not make it to the UK. I also believe, that British people are much more polite than most other people. Finally, I also love the British humor.

A weird Roommate

Sheffield is getting warmer again. It feels like spring here already. Really cool, although it was never very cold. I wonder why I brought my warm coat to UK – a total waste. Other than that, we will have a new roommate soon. I think it is better that way. The situation in the house is weird since Andrew (a guy from New Zealand) moved in. Catherine really hates him and stays only in her room, when he is at home. Everybody is just doing their own things and I do not like that. I can understand Catherine. Andrew has an ability to make people feeling very uncomfortable in his presence. Why? I do not know and I cannot explain properly, but it may have to do with his annoying questions, like “How do you feel now? And why is that?”.

Dinner Party after a lost Bet

I can stand that sometimes, but not every time and especially not in the morning, when I am still kind of asleep. Hence, I am glad we have a solution now. Furthermore, we will have a new roommate in the beginning of March – a Dutch girl. And who does not like Dutch girls? I will keep you posted about that. Lately, I had to prepare a dinner, because I lost a bet about a Bollywood actress (my favorite one: Aishwarya Rai, a Bollywood goddess). It was not too bad as I had to do it for my roommate Catherine anyway. She was always correcting my essays and I think they would have been much worse without her reviews. As usual, I was miscalculating how much people would eat and so we had dinner for probably 12 – 15 people, although we were just 8.

Rivalry during the Olympics

Does anybody of you follow the Olympics? If so, did you see France somewhere in the top positions of the medal overview? My French mate Flo totally believed France would beat Germany and win more medals. It turned out, that was a little too much patriotism. Luckily for him, I thought it would be unfair to agree on the bet he suggested. Anyway, I still wait for a beer invitation. At least we all had a few good laughers at our dinner party when he came up with this insane idea. I still think, that by the time we were talking about it, he really believed in his country’s success. That is all for today. Take care my friends!!!

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