Halloween and other Parties

The strong American influence reached also my lovely island and so we happened to celebrate a huge Halloween party last Friday. Although nobody really knew, how to celebrate Halloween properly, we made the best of the situation and it resulted in a big international party. Everybody was wearing fancy dresses as you can see in the pictures. Thanks to Seiko I was a karate kid. After getting proper make-up at my Chinese friend Irene’s place, Rafael was looking like a gay guy and he got some laughter as well as some sarcastic comments for it. After this party, we had to relax a little on Saturday, because we were drinking the real English way, which means pouring down one pint after the other. Anyway, it was good to slow down before my birthday celebration on Sunday.

My Birthday in Sheffield

That Saturday, I was baking three cakes for my Birthday and we watched TV almost the entire day. On Sunday morning, my birthday, we went to the train station to pick up Libby who came over from London just for this day. I was very happy to see her! After having Feijoada made by Rafael for lunch, some of my friends came over and we had a few beers (again!). Unfortunately, we finished even the last reserves of my housemate hidden in the basement. After all I must say it was an awesome Birthday weekend with a nice party, good chats and quite a bit of alcohol.

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