UK gets cold

Plenty of things happened since the last post. First and most important: Rafael moved out and he is almost back in Brazil again. Lately, it was freezing cold for him. It was sometimes really funny to see him wearing a woolen scarf, gloves and a hat whilst I was walking next to him in a sweater. However, to be honest UK is already much colder than I ever expected. I did not think that we could get noticeable below zero degree. I think for a Brazilian this feels like hell. On Rafael’s last weekend in Sheffield we wanted to go to Oxford, but as our Latino friends invited us over for a couple of Tequilas the evening before we missed the bus in the morning.

Way too much Tequila

The six of us drank three 0.75 l bottles of the best Tequila and afterwards it was not very easy to set an alarm let alone wake up by it at 7:30 am. Hence, we did not wake up early enough to catch the bus. Damn it!!! The next day I went to Manchester to see the “Theatre of dreams” – the Old Trafford. For those of you who really do not know what I mean – that is the stadium of Manchester United – one of the most successful football clubs in the world. However, the stadium was not as big as I expected it to be. It was smaller than Barcelona, Berlin and even Munich, but it is indeed a very nice one.

Hot Phase in University

A few days later Rafael and I went to London to visit Libby. All together we spent a couple of nice days in Europe’s biggest city. It was once again an amazing experience in this mind-blowing metropolis. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Sheffield yesterday as the next weeks will be very tough. University is in a hot phase. I have loads of assignments to complete until Christmas. This is good on the one hand, because I will finish two courses already before I will go back and another one is halfway finished. On the other hand, it will be a very tough and stressful time.

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