Blackpool – First trip in the UK


He finally made it! That was what I thought last Monday evening after Rafael, my former roommate in Chandigarh, arrived at Sheffield bus station. It is now one week since he arrived and we both enjoyed this time a lot. Last Saturday we went to Blackpool, which is probably the most touristic town in UK. It looked a little like cities on the northeastern coast of Spain. Loads of amusement parks and arcades. It was much fun. Blackpool has a beautiful long beach promenade. We heard that almost seven million people are going there every summer. I only hope it is much warmer at that time. It feels like they try to make money out of nothing. Even an imitation of the Eiffel Tower can be seen there, but it is not as impressive as the original one. Not at all.

Halloween Party ahead

Anyway, the trip brought back this travel feeling we had in India. It was a great experience, although I had to recognize (again), that there are lots of Germans in Sheffield. The bus we took was half German. This weekend there will be a huge Halloween party in a Mexican friend’s place. Unfortunately, it is one day too early, otherwise I could celebrate my birthday there. Anyway, I am sure there will be something nice going on for my birthday, too.

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