World Cup 2006

Shortly before I head to Brazil a quick overview about what happened in good old Germany during the last couple of weeks. Overall, it was an atmosphere Germany has never seen before, with German shirts, scarfs and flags literally everywhere. It is so cool that we can finally show some patriotism again without feeling like a racist. Even old people were wearing German shirts or bracelets. Unfortunately, we did not achieve our main goal in the end, but minor goals like being longer in the competition than the Netherlands and England were achieved. On the other hand, this was not good for German economy, because especially these two countries guarantee that the city they play in is running out of beer.

Fan Festivals all over the Country

Anyway, we all agreed that Italy was the better team in the semi-final and that they deserved to go through to the final. Although I have to say, that I did not like to see them winning the world cup, because they are mostly a team of good actors. I hope that will be punished harder in the next World Cup. What remains after this huge event? Hopefully a good impression which our country made, some matches of the World Cup, like the war between Netherlands and Portugal (which I think both had to be disqualified for), players like Zidane (without words – he is just an incredible player!!!) or fan festivals, which were held all over the country. The biggest without a doubt in Berlin, where sometimes over a million attended the matches. After all, that will be unforgettable.

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