Thank You UK – I will miss you!

My time in the United Kingdom has come to an end. Very soon I will go back to Germany – not for long though, but wow, eight weeks in Germany this year – sounds almost like a record. However, I get really sad – leaving this country and this city. I know I should be used to it as mentioned last time, but I can tell you it is the same damn hard thing every time. Anyway, I tried to make the most of my remaining weeks and it was much fun. Two weeks ago, I went to the Isle of Wight (once again, I might already be a regular visitor) to see my dear friend Nick acting in a very funny play. Two days later I went with Libby to  see the “The Phantom of the Opera” in Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. Something I wanted to do for ages.

That sad leaving Feeling

Well, what will I miss? The people, might sound funny, but I really like British people and their humor. It is much closer to my sense of humor than the German one. Hanging out with so many people from around the world. The big parties at friend’s places, in university or just somewhere in Sheffield. The pub quiz, which we never won – not even once! However, we did not lose our spirit. Certainly not the food! I am sorry UK, but when it comes to food it seems like something did not make it to the island. Last Saturday was my final leaving party and like last year in India it was just a really, really good party. It had basically everything essential for a hilarious party. Perfect weather, tons of alcohol, a BBQ to cope with the alcohol, a live rap battle, a fight and loads of cool people. It was definitely the party I was hoping for!

Farewell Party with Everything

My French friend Flo promised me to perform his rap skills on my leaving party and he was absolutely amazing. For some of us the possibly aggressive rhymes (they were in French – do not expect me to understand them) were a little too hot to handle and so my Peruvian friend Juan decided to “discuss without words” with another guy about the lyrics and other topics. Latinos and their temper… After a short while we could separate them and the tension was gone shortly afterwards. However, Juan got a new nickname – the Peruvian ninja. My pub quiz team gave me a shirt of Sheffield United, the team which just got promoted to the Premier League. Thanks – I love the shirt!

Looking Forward to the World Cup

Well, the World Cup in Germany is about to begin and once again the English have a lot of TV shows showing World Cup history. Surprisingly, half of them are about Germany (I know you really admire our penalty skills). I just hope we will not play Brazil in this World Cup, because this might cause some trouble for me later in Brazil. Just imagine we beat them in the final… I should probably think about my decision of going there again. Anyway, I am pretty sure I will have some nice stories to tell, when I am there.

Thank You I

One thing at last for all guys I got to know here in the United Kingdom. Thank you for everything. I had a wicked time over the last nine months! It was an absolute pleasure to get to know you, to spend time with you and I hope I will meet many of you again. I never believed I would meet so many people from India again, but I did and that is why I am optimistic. It is a small world. Whoever comes to Germany has to visit me. My city Dresden is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Let me know, it would be amazing. I will definitely miss you guys. Let us keep in touch. Thanks also to the unbeatable international party crew! Your house parties, movie nights, random beer evenings were absolutely wicked.

Thank You II

Thanks to AIESEC. It was definitely a good idea to get in contact with you guys. Even as half alumni / half member I still learned a lot and I hope I gave something back. Let me just say you guys did an awesome job over the year!  Thanks to Sheffield Street Football Club. As one of the founders I can say we completed our mission in showing Sheffield locals how to play beautifully – Joga Bonito! Thanks to the pub quiz crew. I still hope we will win tonight. I talked to the pub owner to include a lot of European mainland questions instead of questions about English counties we foreigners never heard of. Thanks to my Portuguese class. I think none of us really had a clue of what we were doing there, but it was fun nevertheless. I will let you know, if we learned enough to survive in such a country.

Thank You III

Thanks a hell lot to my housemates. It was so much fun. I know you will miss my teasing (sometimes ironic, mostly sarcastic) comments. It will be so quiet and boring in the house from now on and the cat finally has a normal life without a guy who acts like a pain in the ass to her. However, she lost weight over the last months due to all the chasing arou. Thanks to all people I did not mention in particular. Sorry for that, but the post already is quite long. Ok, I should probably stop now, because it is time to go to Nottingham. It is weird but it is the last week of exams and I have absolutely nothing to do anymore. I cannot remember when that happened the last time, but it is a good feeling.

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