The Sheffield Half Marathon

After stressful weeks at university with a hell lot of assignments it is getting more and more relaxed now. There is not much left – fortunately! Two weeks ago, I came to know about a half marathon in Sheffield and although my doctors back home would get a heart attack straight away if they heard I was even considering to participate in it, I did it. Together with some friends we decided to accept the challenge and run it. The first training session was rather frustrating as the result was a swollen foot. I was not able to walk properly till the day of the marathon, but – you know me – once something is in my head – I have to do it.

Running as a real Dream Team

Hence, I went with some friends, no practice and a swollen foot to the stadium to run the 13.1 miles (21.1 km). Although I was injured, I wanted to do it in at least 1:45. I was not the only one of us who was injured as almost everybody was not feeling entirely well. However, divided into a few groups we started the competition. I was running with my two mates Pete and Ollie. We did surprisingly well. In the end we reached the finish line in 1:34, which is an excellent time. A big advantage was certainly, that we pushed each other a lot. As a team, or better dream team, each of us achieved their own half marathon personal record. Although that was not very difficult for me (it was my first every half marathon), it meant something to all of us.

Feeling pain in every Part of my Body

Apart from the pain (I did not know that there are so many parts of my body that can hurt…) it was amazing to see all these people on the streets cheering for the runners. That was a huge motivation! I should probably not say that, but it was absolutely worth it to ignore the doctor’s advice and the pain in my foot. Crossing the finish line, knowing to having achieved something very special, was an awesome feeling. However, my foot was not the only part of my body that hurt during the race. Due to lack of experience in long distance running, I attached the number sign in a very bad place. After a while my nipples hurt and started to bleed. It felt definitely more intense than the pain in the foot.

The End is near

I am getting a little sad and emotional thinking about that I have only four weeks left here in Sheffield. I absolutely like my life here and I feel like this is my home now. I made very good friends, loads of them and very different ones. Plus, I have great house mates. It is a good life! I think leaving this place will be a similarly emotional farewell as in India last year. I should be used to it by now, but I think it is something you cannot get used to. I just hope it will be possible to meet many of the people again. Like I did with my friends from India. That would be absolutely awesome.

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